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One-On-One Instruction

One-on-One Instruction can be anything that you want it to be! Whatever it is that you want to learn, Chef Nicole can provide personal, hands-on instruction. This class is all about YOU and having the benefit of getting Chef Nicole all to yourself!

Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Cooking Skills

No matter where you are on the culinary spectrum, you can benefit from one of these skills-based classes. From learning to boil an egg to perfection or creating a complex, gourmet meal for 10 people, Chef Nicole can give you the skills to be a masterful chef in your own kitchen.

Menu Planning

Menu planning gives you what the French call "mise en place", which means to "put in place".  Chef Nicole helps you to organize your shopping list and streamline your prep/cooking time so that you have more time in your day to prepare and enjoy your meals. Then you can just relax!

Food & Wine Pairings

There are some classic wine and food pairings that are well known; such as, pairing a red Bordeaux with a grass-fed steak. Chef Nicole teaches you how to pair the perfect bottle of wine with your favorite dishes in order to bring out flavors that you could have never imagined. 

Wine Tasting Class

This is probably the most popular and fun class that you can take with Chef Nicole. All you have to do is invite your friends. You tell her what you like, what you want to learn and she brings the wine. Think of this as an educational happy hour!

Market Class

Market class is the answer to the eternal question of "What's for dinner?" This class was developed to give students the ability to walk into their own grocery store, select fresh/seasonal products and go home and create a culinary masterpiece.

Healing Properties of Foods

"Let food be thy medicine and let thy medicine be food" (Hippocrates). Through extensive research, Chef Nicole has discovered the truth in using food as the best medicine. She teaches you how to manage food allergies and intolerances while still preparing delicious and nutritious dishes. In addition, she coaches her students on the health promoting qualities of food and how to incorporate these elements into each meal.

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"Nicole is a delight to cook with, her intuitive nature and skills help her establish the individual cooking needs of her students’ preferences and styles.  She deftly uses this to adapt her style to her student, while simultaneously leading them through the process. The outcome is a total food experience that exceeds even her students’ own expectations. It becomes a personal success story in not only the delicious meal you make, but also how you feel about what you have individually accomplished with her encouragement and  guidance.


She teaches you how to cook like a fisherman teaches you how to fish, if you just give a man fish he will never learn how to fish for himself. Nicole inspires and simultaneously instills in her students the ability to actually realize they can successfully cook, while enjoying both the process and outcome."

 Karen Randazzo - Catonsville, Maryland

"I think what may have initially impressed me most about Nicole, beyond her Cordon Bleu education, is her knowledge and passion for educating people about food. In the 5 years that I have know Nicole, she has taught me things that I didn't even realize I didn't know; such as, which foods to refrigerate and which foods to leave at room tempature. Like many Americans, I thought fruits and vegetables go in a drawer no matter what! It turns out they do not! She has taught me that good food doesn't have to be complicated, not to be afraid of fat (who knew olive oil is good for you), and there are certain flavors that always blend well together. I am still working on tasting the different aspects in a glass of wine, the "retro-nasal" sniff thing is still entirely beyond me! But here is the thing, whether you get "it" or not, Nicole is such a fantastic and fun teacher that even the smallest moment of learning feels big...and fun!"

Dr. Ashley Callicutt - Brunswick, Georgia 

"Nicole is not only an amazing chef, she is always a great teacher. This combination is hard to find but she excels at both aspects, which allows her students to not only learn how to cook, but also to have fun and enjoy each lesson."

Tim Ryan - Tampa, Florida

"Nicole's cooking class is excellent. It is a fun way to spend the evening and you will actually use the things you learn all the time. I took my first class several years ago and use the techniques and recipes I learned every week. Nicole will teach you how to do things properly; as well as, give you recipes that are easy enough for a week night yet have something special about each one. She will teach you techniques and preparations that you can use a variety of ways. I highly recommend her classes to anyone. You will have a fabulous time!"

Lori Carr - Jacksonville, Florida

"Chef Nicole got me out of my rut of making the same meals over and over and helped me realize I could prepare something new and delicious in simply 15-20 minutes."

Sarah Small - Florence, Kentucky

"Any skilled chef can teach people to cook but Nicole combines cooking with humor, life lessons and a relaxed style that allows even a novice to feel like a superstar. Her classes are not only good for learning a skill, they enhance your soul."

Jodi Allison - St. Simons Island, Georgia

"Nicole's cooking classes are the ticket to no-fuss entertaining.  We loved how she created an evening with delicious food and wine, an engaging demonstration, and free time to enjoy our guests."

Chris and Brett Giuliano - San Rafael, California

"Chef Nicole brings art to the kitchen. When I learn to cook with her, I not only learn how to make wonderful food but I learn what makes food wonderful!"

Michelle Owczarzak - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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